“A patient is more likely to die from a consequence of inaccurate and delayed medical diagnostic
results than improper treatment and medication combined”

eBiogen Limited is a start-up focusing on the development of point-of-care testing devices for blood.

Currently, hospital blood samples are usually sent to remote pathlabs, thus engendering delays. The analyses require large blood sample volumes, particularly a problem when dealing with young children or elderly patients. The accuracy and reproducibility of some assays is inadequate. The cost of reagents can be substantial and analysers are not portable.

Our technology will circumvent many of these problems - the advantages include portability (a credit card sized device compared to a bench top device); rapid, accurate and timely results (our results are comparable with current hospital estimations and they are available in under a minute); multiple tests on one device; low costs (use of paper and novel manufacturing technology makes it significantly cheaper than current tests); small sample volume (50ul compared to 3ml currently); ease of use and low maintenance promote minimal skill requirements and training; minimal storage constraints (all our tests are at room temperature so there is no need for environmental optimisation); recyclability (materials used in the device can be recycled for greener environment).

The feasibility and proof-of-concept (PoC) stages of our technology have been completed. Clinical testing of our prototype is underway with encouraging test results. We are starting the regulatory paperwork including CE marking before proceeding to market.

We are bringing the lab to the bedside

Our Technology

Our work is driven by the needs of pathologists in the National Health Service (UK), who..

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He is the cofounder and Technical Lead at eBiogen Ltd. With over 9 years of extensive ...

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Through our technology, we aim to empower patients and doctors equally. From a clinical..

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Doctors cannot offer prescription immediately at the start of a patient’s visit. They...

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